St. Patrick Justice Ministry PEACE


Do you believe that social justice is intricately linked to how we live out our faith?

Do you believe that justice is not only giving a hand-out but is about removing barriers that prevent people from adequately providing for themselves and their families?

Do you believe that injustice is a big problem in our society?

If so, then you might want to look in on our justice ministry and see whether you want to join.

The social justice ministry at St. Patrick’s believes in networking and solidarity. Hence, we are part of an organization called PEACE (People Engaged in Active Community Effort); an organization that is politically non-partisan and is made up of different religious congregations (Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, Catholics, and other non-denominational groups).

Our process consists of house meetings where we discuss community issues, then we do research on them and finally come up with concrete solutions. These we present to the County and Government Officials, at a public Nehemiah Action where over 2500 of our members gather. By the sheer force of our numbers, we put pressure on these officials to act on our suggestions.  This is how we bring about structural change.

To date, here are some of our achievements:

  • we have secured back wages for workers whose wages have been stolen,
  • we worked with County Commissioners to erect Resource Centers for the homeless,
  • we prevented youth from being sent to jail by passing a law allowing first time offenders to get civil citations instead of arrests,
  • we got the School Board to drastically reduce school suspensions,
  • community IDs for those who don’t drive, do not have passports or are undocumented
  • we are working with Law Enforcement to develop better relations between their officers and the community,  

We have been in existence since 1992 and now have an umbrella of 22 religious congregations.

If you wish to join, call Toni Parker @ 561.308.1694 or go to our website,

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