Gospel Reflections

Sunday, August 15th, Luke 1: 39-56

We All Deserve Diamonds

In celebrating the feast of Mary’s Assumption into heaven, we are celebrating the fact that she shares and delights in the Easter victory which Christ gained for us all over death.   The first reading today speaks of a woman clothed with the glory of the stars and yet the Gospel is a simple yet profound encounter between Mary and Elizabeth, two pregnant women.  It is appropriate that heaven and earth, dusty roads and diamonds, meet on this feast day.

Dorothy Day was a great American Catholic involved in social justice in the early part of this century. One day a rich woman walked into one of her soup kitchens and donated a diamond ring.  If Dorothy sold it, she could feed the kitchen’s clients for a month.  Yet that same day she presented the diamond ring to a poor woman who came in for meals each day.  One of her assistants protested the waste.  Dorothy replied, “Do you think that God made diamonds only for the rich?  We all deserve beauty in life.”

Mary acknowledged her poverty before God and he enriched her in ways she could never imagine.  Mary can help us to be open, giving and trusting of God. We as a people are blessed and blinded with the diamond of divine love. May we strive in our daily lives to polish that diamond to smooth over the cracks to reach new heights in giving and receiving. If we do so, that divine love becomes reflected in our daily lives and all of us deserve diamonds.

Sunday August 22nd, John 6: 60-69


This is an amazing time for those of us who walk this earth.  With technology and advances in medicine, we are fortunate to live on this earth at this time.  Yet we have our troubles, sometimes they are small irritating details of everyday life, from a sprained thumb to flat tires.  Sometimes there are big problems, financial ruin, betrayal, sickness, or death.  We all have problems – no one is exempt, so how do we survive?

There is only one that I know to survive.  And it’s not to behave like the castaways on the hit show, who enter on camera, a dog eat dog world, in hopes of being a millionaire.  The only way to survive and indeed to thrive is to connect with trusting hearts to the one who gives us life.  If we connect to Christ, we will gain peace and strength unlike anything else we have experienced in life.  It doesn’t make us immune to pain, trouble, small problems, or big ones but it does guarantee that no trouble will ever overwhelm us and do difficulty however grave, will ever have the power to take away our joy and peace.

In the gospel, Peter gives us a perfect piece of advice.  “Lord, to whom else shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.”

So, as the contestants battle it out on Survivor, ask yourself do you want money or true peace? Do you want to settle for surviving or are you willing to open all of your life to God and thrive in ways that you can only dream of?