Hearts and Hands Ministry

St. Patrick’s

Hearts and Hands Ministry

All of us can appreciate a friendly phone call to lighten our day; someone letting us know they can pray for us, possibly help us if we have a need, or simply just listen. This is especially true for those parishioners who are home-bound, sick, or living alone.

The purpose of this ministry is to reach out to these parishioners and let them know we are here for them, as part of their parish family. An initial phone call will also serve the dual purpose of finding out if they are in need with anything further we can help with.

If you would like to help make phone calls or send out cards (reach out with your hearts and hands), please join us for our first meeting to start this important ministry! All you need is a few minutes of your time each week (it’s entirely up to you how much time you spend).

please call the parish office at 561-626-8626 to speak to Laura.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. This will also be an opportunity for parishioners to let us know if they are aware of someone who would benefit being contacted by this ministry.

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